QNeST - Quality Network on Sustainable Tourism is a winner project of the European call ADRION 2016, for the Program Priority number two, called “Sustainable Region” . It aims at discovering and enhancing the common characteristics and quality of the cultural, traditional and environmental heritage of the Adriatic-Ionian area. Indeed, the ADRION program is a European transnational program that invests in regional innovation systems, cultural and natural heritage, environmental resilience, sustainable transport and mobility as well as capacity building.

According to the main goals of the QNeST project, AVR Lab has designed and developed digital solutions aimed at promoting this network and its routes. Some of these applications have been developed straightly for the project (the first three that we are going to describe in the following paragraphs), the others have been developed out of the project, but they still regard the Adriatic-Ionian area. All of those works represent experimental studies in the field of eXtended Reality and start from extensive historical research about the specific topic.

For the project has been developed a mobile application based on Augmented Reality technology that provides an innovative tool for tourists to "read" all of the QNest interactive maps. This application can be seen as an interactive tool to use paper maps innovatively. One of the results of the project was a set of maps, one for each partner involved in the project, with the definition of routes and itineraries.