The MediaEvo Project aims to develop a multi-channel and multi-sensorial platform in Cultural Heritage and to test new data processing technologies for the realization of a digital didactic game oriented to the knowledge of medieval history and society.

The game is intended as a means to experience a loyal representation of the possible scenarios (environments, characters and social roles) in the historic- geographical context of Otranto during Frederick Age (XIII century). We chose Otranto as an example town; Otranto is located in the south of Italy. Due to its geographical position (in the extreme East of Italy), Otranto was like a bridge between East and West. The implementation of the edutainment platform is strongly influenced by the definition of the scenery that is the world in which the framework is placed with the related learning objects and learning path, the characters, the scene’s objects, the logic and so the rules of the game, the audio content, the texts and anything related to its use.

The framework has features of strategy games in which the decision making capacities of a user has a big impact on the result which in our case is the achievement of a learning target. Nevertheless the strategy and tactics are in general opposed by unforeseeable factors (provided by the game) connected with the edutainment modules, in order to provide a higher level of participation, which is expressed in terms of the ease with which it is learnt. The idea is to provide a competition between the players, during the learning. The system, on the basis of a well defined learning target and eventually based on knowledge of the user, continuously proposes a learning path (composed of a sequence of learning objects), in order to allow the achievement of particular learning results.