Digitizing Architectural Restoration Education

Students in the Architecture Departments of Institutions of Higher Education, in order to safeguard and restore historic buildings that are damaged or become unusable due to weather or other disasters, need to receive training on planning and carrying out restoration work.
Due to recent events, it has become necessary to provide this training through distance education because of obstacles to conventional education. However, since these training mostly require hands-on training, it is very difficult to provide proper distance education, because faculty and students would have to examine the buildings to be restored together and perform on-site measurements and analysis for the restoration work to be done. 

Therefore, in this project, a VR application will be developed for use as teaching materials in applied architecture courses, especially in the field of restoration. With the help of this application, lecturers and students wearing the Oculus Quest 2 VR visor during restoration classes will have the opportunity to interact with a historic building in a virtual environment and will be able to carry out architectural surveying operations: measuring rooms, leveling, surveying points with plumb line, and using virtual whiteboard to report collected data. All these actions can be done simultaneously by multiple users in the same environment, all under the supervision of the professor, and each of the participants will correspond to a customizable avatar.