CumeRA is a Mixed Reality mobile application for smartphones, which exploits the expedient of Virtual Portals, a way to bring back the fruition of the reconstructed Sant'Elia church, offering a sort of 'walk in the past'. Through this experience you can revive an old cult building, which no longer exists, recover its memory and enhance the context of its use.

CumeRA presents itself as an application that combines virtual reconstruction with physical reality, with the aim of re-proposing a cultural asset, erased from memory and forgotten by many, by re-weaving it into the urban context. Historiographical research and the use of technologies such as photogrammetry and 3D modelling have made it possible to create a historically accurate reconstruction that is faithful to oral testimonies and historical documents. CumeRA is a small gesture of re-appropriation of memory, a useful tool to rediscover the place that, for centuries, was the heart of a community.