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Antigone’s pride performing society – Logbook of a journey

After a long European journey, consisting also of seminars and in-person and online meetings, the material collected during the various residences in Spain, Poland, Greece and Italy, has been presented on December 20th 2023, in the Astràgali Sala in Lecce, withi the public meeting “Antigone’s pride performing society – Diary of a journey“. Several contribution took place: Fabio Tolledi (Director of Astràgali Teatro and artistic director of the project), Roberta Quarta (actress of Astràgali Teatro and coordinator of the project), Prof. Lucio De Paolis (Department of Engineering, University of Salento), the operators of the Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory of the University of Salento Carolina Gatto, Sofia Chiarello, Giada Sumerano, and the other Italian protagonists of the project.